Let's just say I've scienced. ALOT.

And yes, that means I've done some mind-bending things such as shooting giant lasers at submicroscopic crystals, tinkering with the HIV genome, and engineering bugs to make new types of antibiotics. And yes, that means I've done my fair share of time in labs at Cambridge, Cornell and Adelaide.

But it also means I've spent hours and hours chatting with the public, diving into policy documents, making things, and organizing. That's because I believe that's as important as it is to do the science itself, it is crucial to work hard to ensure science is a positive force that serves of all of society.

So, I've also been a science journalist, a media personality, a policy advisor, a community organizer, a non-profit board member, and even an artist. Right now, I work at Columbia University in New York where I write, make videos, and teach fellow scientists how to communicate with the public.

If you're interested in any or all of these things, please get in touch. Let's collaboratein the name of SCIENCE! 🌎🔬🚀

- Lucky Tran